Hire driver and car for your tailor trips

with our local travel agency and live unforgettable moments throughout Mongolia


Our specialty for more than 20 years are tours and trips with private driver.
We know that most travelers prefer to be alone with their own family or friends, so we offer drivers who know Mongolia and its traditions very well to make your discovery as authentic as possible. Our drivers are there to help you prepare your itinerary according to your wishes and will have a certain flexibility during the stay. The drivers will make every effort to please you and that you come back to visit Mongolia again.

Thanks to your driver, your self-tailor trips will find a good balance between cultural visits, the discovery of the landscapes and the sharing of daily life with the nomads.
In 3, 10, 15, 20 days or more, it's up to you to choose between the lakes, the Gobi Desert, the steppes, the festivals...

Contact and start building your self tailor trip with our private drivers! mejet69@yahoo.com


We are a local family travel agency based in Mongolia, in Ulaan Baatar who cares about your well-being and that above all, thanks to our private drivers, your trip will be your best vacation memory.

Everything is tailor made, the choice is yours, customize where you want to go, and how long to stay.

Our long experience has taught us that tourists today prefer to travel individually and / or with their friends / family and rely on a local travel agency responsive to the specific needs of each. Each traveler will be able to prepare his itinerary according to his own desires and needs, we will help that your wishes can come true as you dreamed.

Our prices are low because in addition to having control over your budget, you will be alone with the driver. Having a cook, interpreter or guide with you obviously has a cost, if you wish to have one of these professionals with you, we will offer you one with the price for this additional service.

Being alone in the world in the steppe with as few staff as possible is the best way to discover Mongolia, its values, culture and traditions, but also to know how to go beyond your own limits to meet the nomads, learn and understand their way of life. Gestures and giggles will be your best allies for these unforgettable and authentic moments of sharing with the nomads.

This is what we offer you, aware that it represents the best for your trip to Mongolia, whatever the duration.

best months to visit Mongolia: May-early October

Contact and start building your self tailor trip with our private drivers! mejet69@yahoo.com