Yak Festival

Yak Festival
in Uvurkhangai, Umnugobi Yliin and Arkhangai Aimag in July - August


Annual Yak Festival takes place in Bat-Ulzii district, Uvurkhangai province, in Umnugobi Yliin and in Erdenetolgoi bag of Ikhtamir Soum in Arkhangai aimag, in order to promote various benefits of yaks, their products and contribute to preserving yak based nomadic culture. Yak is an important animal for the nomadic life and regardless its rich milk, fine wool, yaks require least care and can graze in remote mountain tops searching for the freshest pasture-land while surviving Mongolia’s harsh winters.Mongolia have the second highest yak population in the world after China.

During the festival, yak-related activities include yak parade, the best decorated yak, the best yak bull, yak milking contest, yak wool clothing fashion show and local cultural performancesas well as the main and last event, ayak race across the steppe.

**Best months for yak Festival: July **

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