About Us

Discover Mongolia with our drivers! Customize your dream trip with mongoliatours!


Mongoliatours is a travel agency specialized in TAILOR TRIP based on the discovery of nomadism in Mongolia

Why choose us?

  • Because we apply the right price for our services
  • Because we have no middlemen between you and us
  • Because travel must rhyme with authenticity and freedom
  • Because personalization has become a priority for many travellers
  • Because travelling also means being as close as possible to local people
  • Because we are expert of made-to-measure travel

We are a small compagny of suistanable tourism totally Mongolian. Contact with local population is most important for us and our collaborators are all Mongolian. We shall try to make our best in order that your trip remains your best record by showing you traditional Mongolia freely. During the 20 years of its operation, we have earned the trust and respect of our customers based on the high quality of service and professionalism of our employees.

We plan your dream trip accurately as you wish. Tell us everything about how you want to explore Mongolia, so that together we'll create a trip tailored exactly to what you want to do, meet, discover and see.

  • You can choose to focus on a theme or region or explore more areas
  • You can choose to travel in any season
  • You can choose the length of your trip
  • You can choose to meet people who, like you, have same area of interest
  • You can choose to realize fully your dream

Mongoliatours Advantages

  • Authentic experience during local events/festivals
  • Experience the nomadic lifestyle
  • Customize your dream trip
  • Ethical and cultural tour
  • All locally sourced
  • Right price and no middlemen

With Mongoliatours you can soak up the traditionnal nomadic way of life, breathtaking landscapes but also discover the history and culture of the country through its sites, museeums, monasteries and cultural shows.


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