Pearls of Gobi Desert (7 days)

The mysteries of Gobi Desert

The Khongor dunes, "Khongoriin Els"

are the most important sand pile in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. With an area of more than 900 km2, it is one of the largest sandy areas in Mongolia. The dunes reach 200 meters at their highest peaks. The locals call their imposing dunes "singing dunes" because of the sound of the wind moving the sand. They are bordered to the north by a strip of lush green vegetation, bounded by a small river: Khongoriin Gol. Powered by underground springs, this small river flows along the dunes for a few kilometers and thus forms an oasis in the middle of the dry landscape.

This region is also very rich in fossils and dinosaur remains, as well as mineral deposits. You can also visit the Yoliin Am canyon where the year-round ice and the red cliffs of Bayanzag.

Best months for Gobi Desert: May- October

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