Festival Events

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Authentic experience during local festival


Here a selection of festivals where the traditions of the steppes are in the spotlight:

  • Winter Ice Festival in Kovsgosl Lake (2nd-3th March)
  • Eagle Festival Olgii (1st week end of October)
  • Camel Festival in Omnogobi - Bulgan Soum (6th-7th March)
  • Horse Festival in Khentii - Batnorov Soum (end of October/early November)
  • Nadaam Festival in UB or in countryside (July)
  • Yak Festival in Uvurkhangai - Bat - Ulzii Soum, Umnogobi Yliin, Erdenetolgoi bag of Ikhamir Soum (July - August)
  • Nomadic Festival (different places and dates)
  • Archery on horseback event (different place and dates)
  • Religious Nadaam (different place and dates)

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