Nomadic Homestay

Fully Immersion in Selected Nomadic Families


Do you want to take the time to meet the Mongolian nomads and divide ancestral tradition? Share their daily life as a breeder, help them and maybe gallop in the plains? So an immersion stay with nomadic families is for you!

To discover nomad tradition staying some days with nomad families will be the best to do. With our tailored tours, if this fits you, you will almost each night sleep to nomad families. If you are interesting, you can stay longer this gives you a better chance to get closely acquainted with the culture of Mongolian people. Most nomadic families do not have formal toilets. No showering facilities will be available. Nomads wash in basins in their gers, or in a nearby river in warm weather.

During your home stay you will take an active part in the daily life of nomadic families, joining them as they graze their herds, milk the animals, help for special projects as extra hands are always very welcome as during spring who is the busiest time of the year caring for their herds during the lambing period. You will learn Mongolian nomads' unique way of life and join them for very traditional meals.

Homestay can be arranged after your own tour or during or come only to divide some days or weeks nomadic way of life

Best months for nomadic homestay: May-September

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