Gobi Desert (10 days)

Walking in the sand of Gobi Desert


Gobi desert covers one third of Mongolia’s territory. Hundreds of years ago the desert was part of the main trade route between East and West, with camel caravans crossing the vast steppes loaded with perfumes, spices, and other goods.

Since UB, the Gobi desert is within reach since a good road allows to reach Dalanzagad but it would be a shame not to take advantage of the beautiful sites that line this road such as the site of Baga and Ikh Gazriin Chuluu. You will approach the singing dunes, the Yolyn Am Canyon to the eternal icy waters, the flaming cliffs of Bayanzac and others places gently to enjoy one of the driest deserts of the planet.

The return pass through Orkhon waterfall and the ancient capital Kharakorim:

Orkhon River Valley. A UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape, the valley has served as the center of several kingdoms and empires that ruled much of Central Asia for centuries.

Kharakorim and its museum holds a permanent display of the various archeological discoveries found in the area, compiling a picture of how the city looked during the Mongol empire's reign. Kharkhorin, better known as Karakorum, was famed throughout Asia as the capital of the Mongol Empire. Within the walls of this spectacular city, kings were chosen, laws made, and the fate of the next city to be conquered was determined.

Best months for Gobi dsert: May-October

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