Danshig Nadaam and Khuree Tsam Dance Festival

different dates and places through Mongolia

The Danshig Naadam and Khuree Tsam Festival

The Danshig Naadam and Khuree Tsam festival is one of the biggest and ancient religious and cultural festivals of Mongolia. Originally, Danshig (Tibetan- Tenshuk) is related to the enthronement ceremony of His Holiness Zanabazar(1635-1722), the spiritual head of Mongolian Buddhism and also a direct descendant of Great Chinggis Khan. The tradition of celebrating Danshig Naadam was forgotten for nearly a hundred years and since 2015 is again celebrated.

During the two days festival you can assist to Mandala ceremony, rising Soyombo banner, displaying the Huge Thangka-Buddhist painting.

Tsam dance which is the perfect combination of song, dance, music, decorative art, and folk arts hold various types of ritual subjects and wearing mask indicating their respective roles and perform various motions of hands, legs, and body.

Sor Zalakh or the Ceremony of Burning of all Negatives aims to remove all bad effects, contagious diseases, and other negative phenomena.

One interesting competition among monks during Danshig Naadam is balin competition. Balin is barley that is pre-prepared to be shaped and it is special feeding to the deities only made by monks and Buddhist figures.

Traditional Monks ' debate competition where chanting masters, assistant chanting masters debate on the Buddhist logic are worth listening during the festival.

It is said that in the first Danshig Naadam, Buddhist monk won wrestling contests, so you will asssit to horse race, wrestling and archery competition.

Danshig festival is waited with great devotion by the population through Mongolia date and place are changing anytime.

Best months for Religious festival: July

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