Olgy - Khovd - Altai (19-21 days)

To Kazaks crossing Mongolia


A journey that will take you through the Altai and Khangay mountains to Olgii in the Kazak land where you can admire the petroglyph of the Altai Mongol listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meet the nomadic Kazaks and their eagles and discover their traditions . Snow-capped peaks, glaciers, crystalline lakes and lush valleys make** Altai an off-the-beaten-track region.**

Eagle Festival: there are approx. 400 eagle hunters in Bayan-Olgii aimag. The eagle hunters from around regions gather to test their finely trained birds in singular contests of speed and agility in few days of competiton. During the festival you also see some Kazakh Traditional Horse Games like “Bush Kushi" (Try to take the goat skin from each other on horseback), "Kiss woman on horseback", "Pick up coins from the land on horseback" and others. Possibility to assist to the Kazakh Concert with some traditional songs and music.

Hunting with eagle: In Bayan-Olgii province it is still practiced eagle hunting especially in winter time. This is the art and sport that involves a great deal of time and use of techniques that passed generation to generations. Hunters will get trained from childhood and it takes many years to be a good hunter.