Gobi and East (17-20 days)

From steppe to desert


In the Gobi Desert besides the icy canyon, the cliffs of Bayanzac, the singing dunes and other natural wonders the ultimate experience for a moment of peace and serenity is to admire the bright sky of a thousand stars as you probably have never seen before.
The silence of nature combined with the vastness of the desert and the sky will make you live an incomparable and unforgettable experience.
The Gobi desert covers one third of Mongolia’s territory. Hundreds of years ago the desert was part of the main trade route between East and West, with camel caravans crossing the vast steppe loaded with perfumes, silks, spices and other goods. This excursion is an introduction to the Gobi’s rare wildlife, intriguing landscapes, and resourceful nomads in constant search of grazing land for their herds.

At the gate of Ulan Bator, the Khentii in the east is a sanctuary of greenery where nomads live in harmony with nature. In the steppe, you will discover many valleys, mountains, rivers and lakes.
It is also the birthplace of the Great Genghis Khan.

**Best months for Gobi desert and east Mongolia: May- early October

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