Mounted Archery

Traditional Archery on Horseback
different dates scheduled throughout the year

Mounted Archery Competition

Archery on horseback was once used to decide the winner between Mongolian nomads during games. This millennial but forgotten sport is being reborn thanks to certain associations which try to promote this equestrian art with young people so that the old traditions resume. National and international competitions are scheduled throughout the year.

Mongolian horses are good partners and trained not to be afraid of flying arrows or the sounds of bows and they are mounted without reins. The Mongolian horse was born to keep a speed equal to the gallop.

Since ancient times, women of the Mongolian tribes have been very good at archery which they used to hunt and defend themselves when the men were away. Today they continue to participate in various events.

It is a great spectacle to attend such meetings where you can feel the specter of the Great Genghis Khan, inventor of this spectacular technique where you have to shoot the arrow at an extremely precise moment to not miss the target.

Best months for archery on horse: all the year

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